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A variety of transport covering trains, planes and boats
LA19 AVRO Lancaster over Croome ParkTR09 6233 'Duchess of Sutherland' passing DeffordTR08 60019 'Bittern' Passing DeffordTR10 45212 Leaving Goathland StationTR11 4771 'Green Arrow' passing DidbrookTR13 3440 'City of Truro' passing DidbrookTR22 7819 'Erlestoke Manor', Victoria Bridge, ArleyOW96 Lining Up, RAF ConningsbyTR17 Massey Ferguson in SpringtimeTR18 5043 & 5029  at DeffordTR19 70013 'Oliver Cromwell' at DeffordTR20 The 'Waverley', Isle of ArranLA145 Lancaster over Croome Park 2LA154 Dakota over Croome ParkOW93 Lancasters Overhead, RAF ConningsbyOW95 Canadian Lancaster Taking Off , RAF ConningsbyOW97 Avro Vulcan and RV8orsOW98 Red Arrows 1TR21 5043 'Earl of Mount Edgcumbe' Passing CroomeTR24 4270 2-8-0T at Hailes Abbey Bridge

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