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Selection of scenes from local Worcestershire rivers and canals
September - River Avon, PershoreLA02 Early Morning, Eckington BridgeLA04   River Avon, FladburyLA08  River Avon, Eckington BridgeLA09 The Old Bridge, PershoreLA11 Dawn over the River Avon, EckingtonLA25  Holt BridgeLA35 Worcester BridgeLA50 Canal Basin, StourportLA51 Old Bridge PowickLA62 River Avon, OffenhamLA68 Bewdley BridgeLA69 River Severn in Flood WorcesterLA82 Early Morning, Pershore BridgeLA94 Summer Evening Worcester CathedralLA95 Summer Morning Eckington BridgeLA99 Barrels Bridge, PeopletonLA102 River Avon, Pershore Bridge 2LA106 River Avon in WinterLA107 Early Morning by the River II, Pershore

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