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Images from around the north of the County of Worcestershire
LA50 Canal Basin, StourportLA55 Bluebells 1, Shrawley WoodLA91 Bluebells 1, Areley WoodLA123 Approaching the LockLA25  Holt BridgeLA68 Bewdley BridgeLA100 Focus on RedLA122 Bewdley Bridge IILA07 Red DuetLA41  Poppy FieldLA84 In Amongst the PoppiesLA125 Red HotLA17 Sea of RedLA49 Winter Walk Hartlebury CommonLA101 Rainbow over Witley CourtLA156 Autumn in Habberley Valley

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Keywords:Bewdley, Clent Hills, Lickey Hills, Stourport, Worcestershire, bluebells, boat, bridge, canal, landscapes, poppies, poppy field