Jayne Winter ARPS | Bredon Hill and Villages
20 photos

Scenes from on and around Bredon Hill
August - Bredon Hill from DeffordOctober - Cattle near OverburyNovember - Slopes of Bredon HillLA01 Bluebells 1, Bredon HillLA02 Early Morning, Eckington BridgeLA05 Barn, Bredon HillLA08  River Avon, Eckington BridgeLA11 Dawn over the River Avon, EckingtonLA16 Bredon Hill in SpringtimeLA58L Bredon Hill from Little CombertonLA63 Great Comberton CottagesLA73 Cottages, Elmley CastleLA74 Manor Lane Little CombertonLA87 Church Pond, Elmley CastleLA130 Bluebells 2, Bredon HillLA138 River Avon in Winter EckingtonLA143 Bredon Hill from Abbey TowerLA144 Bredon Hill from NauntonLA150 Bredon Hill PoppiesLA170 Fallow Deer nr Kersoe, Bredon Hill

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